Tracy Spring

Tracy with her beautiful Diva guitar, built by
Rob Goldberg of Haines, Alaska.
Music In The Community

Beyond her role as a touring songwriter/performer, Tracy possesses a diverse repertoire of musical skills. They include teaching - songwriting and guitar workshops in conjunction with performances - school programs geared for grades K through 12, and serving as an instructor for writer's conferences and music camps.

With a special passion for choral arranging, coupled with a desire to serve the greater community, Tracy has also created the Hope and Humanity Project comprised of songs arranged for choral groups ranging in size from 3 to five hundred and which carry a message of compassion, commitment and caring.

Her unique ability to "write to order" allows Tracy to lend her songwriter's talents to individuals, groups and organizations who wish to commemorate special occasions: weddings, graduation ceremonies, anniversaries and memorials with an original song. She helps give voice to those who desire one-of-a-kind compositions that spotlight personal milestones in their lives. Her background also includes composing songs and sound tracks for non-profit organizations designed to draw attention and support to specific humanitarian causes and issues.

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