FAME Review: Tracy Spring - Looking Forward - Looking Back (From www.acousticmusic.com - A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange by Mark Horn (mark.horn@monarda.biz). Used by permission.)

Looking Forward - Looking Back" the new release by Bellingham, WA, songwriter Tracy Spring sizzles with passion and is steamier than an August night in New Orleans. While the title cut is a reprise from her first album, it serves as the perfect anchor for this new effort; masterfully setting its tone and theme. Get Lucky With You is among the most clever and steamy songs I've heard in a long time.

Flame is a raw, poetic expression of love and the fear evoked by falling deeply in love. Tracy's powerful lyrics remind the listener why love is really why we exist. Trouble reminds me of the great lyric by Si Kahn, "It ain't what you're given, it's what you do with what you got."

In Long Time Gone, Tracy tells the story of Grace, one of those very special people whose life was a reflection of her name. May we all have the good fortune to know someone like Grace. The other great story song is Red Bull, a heart-wrenching tail of courage in the face of terror.

Songwriting is only half the story. Tracy Spring sports an astounding vocal range with rich tone and exquisite phrasing. The result is an album that is as musically persuasive as its lyrics are engaging. This is not pop music, so expect to listen several times before its richness is fully appreciated.

Production and engineering assistance are ably provided by long-time friend Janis Carper. An incredibly talented songwriter in her own right, Janis also brings solid backup vocals and a devastating slide guitar to the project.

Tracy Spring is such a powerful poet that listening to this album took my breath away. It has been far too long since we got a new collection of songs from this incredible talent. This is an album you will listen to time and again. Treat yourself to a lovely example of the songwriter's art.